Irminsul Studio

A little game development studio in Paris.


Playable little games


Swipe-frenzy maze-survival

Save animals from endangered species from the forest flood!

Mazinity is available for free on iOS and Android

Gods of Terminion

3v3 Tug Of War with Godly spells and quests

Send waves of units to the enemy, capture objectives and cast godly spells!

This 3V3 Tug of War game is enhanced with MOBA mechanics. Gods of Terminion is available for free in the Starcraft2 Arcade. For more info, visit the Facebook page.

Isra's Path

Shape the magic forest

Story-driven puzzle and adventure game. Flee the king's killers and save the sign readers from extermination.

This prologue is available for free on iOS and Android.


Collection of games created in a weekend

Le Grand Flip

A journey through the french education system

Pinball your way in the French Education on iOS or Android.

For Mac/Windows, download or play on here

Harmless Titan

Help him save lives

Prevent bold heroes from dying in your mighty arena!

For Mac/Windows, download on ludumdare here


Promote Gender Equality and Diversity

Gather as many people as possible in your group, keeping it diverse!

For Mac/Windows, download on here.

Pimp my Perma

Learn about permaculture

Grow your crop and associate the right plants together : symbiosis will be beneficial ! 

For Mac/Windows, download on here


Game for a charity

Music Crab

Learn to read music and have fun doing it!

An educational game to learn music theory and how to read notes on partitions with different clefs.

Get it on the Apple App Store or on the Google Play Store.


Irminsul Studio is a little one-man studio by Emmanuel Charon. 

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